Content Collector - 12a - Adding a marker to the map in our Xamarin.Forms project

A quick revisit of our Xamarin Forms Map details page, to add a marker for the location.

I had a question about rendering a custom map marker onto the map inside of our Xamarin.Forms mobile application. I realized that I had omitted adding any marker, so I will quickly demonstrate how to add the map pin for a location to the map. The rendering of a custom map marker using an icon or image, can be accomplished, but it does require going into each of the client projects and creating a custom renderer for the native platform, which is a bit advanced at this point in the series, although after I get through the basic functionality, I will revisit this topic.


This is part of a series, building a Content Collector mobile application using Xamarin.Forms and a Azure Mobile App Service, with an accompanying Angular single page applicatoin to view the data collected via the cross platform mobile application.

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